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Module for incoming stream


We need a wowza module that would accept incoming streams and be able to switch to a default stream (“plain black”) when the original stream is stopped.

That would allow us to continue streaming even if the original stream has been cut off.

This module would need a status to know when to switch to a default stream or to simply stop everything. (ex: During a live, i want to switch to a default stream but when there is no live, during a test, i do not want to activate this module)

Kind Regards

Hi Patrice,

I believe we can help you with this task, please ping me by email or skype and we will discuss the details.

Looking forward to talking to you!

Yury Cherniawsky

Senior Solutions Advisor

Skype: yury.cherniawsky

LinkedIn: Yury Cherniawsky

Hello Patrice,

we have the module for you task:

Please e-mail me if there will be any questions.

Best Regards,

Alexey Ostroumov


skype: alexeyostroumov