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Module for LimitPublishedStreamBandwidth


how to add configure ‘ModuleLimitPublishedStreamBandwidth’ for set max publishing bitrate, using Engine Manager ?

i need manually add the module using app->Modules ?

and where i set the properties ?



Hello Steve,

You can add the module in the same manner as older versions (via config file) or you can use the engine manager by doing the following:

  1. Sign in to your engine manager

  2. Be sure you’ve escalated privileges in Server->Users->[your-user-name] click pencil icon and check “Allow access to advanced properties and features”.

  3. Click on Applications->[Your application-name]

  4. Click on the Modules tab to add the module

  5. Click on the Properties tab to add your MaxBitrate property.


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Hello Matt,

I am responding to your post on the engine manager because it is relevant to a thread I start here .

I was interested in using a module that was prebuilt in the WMS Module Collections called ModuleLoopUntilLive but the way the new engine manager builds the smil file does not provide for any scheduling.

There is no tag for “stream” and no parameter for “scheduled”. So I kinda gave up on the whole scheduler idea with version 4. If I rolled my own then the server probably would not be able to parse it correctly. Oh well, I’ll just wait for the Amazon AMI and see what goodies you all managed to load for us.

Thanks for your hard work,


Hi Matt,

I have try to add module using manager, so :

  1. press edit-> +add module

  2. in the module name I have put : ModuleLimitPublishedStreamBandwidth

  3. in the module description I have put : Module Limit to Published Stream Bandwidth

  4. in the module class I have put : com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module.ModuleLimitPublishedStreamBandwidth

  5. I have press add module, now in the module list, my module appear for one time

  6. in the module main windows I have press ‘save’

  7. now in the module list my module appear for two time, is duplicated

in the application.xml appear like this :





is a manager bug ?



hi nlmaca,

yes, correct,

if edit manually application.xml file and restart, then the module appear correct in the manager for one time only .

about disconnection on FMLE : is correct, no appear any error/segnalation on FMLE when disconnect encoder for bitrate too high . simply disconnect the encoder .

also add this properties for ModuleLimitPublishedStreamBandwidth :




to avoid very big log files due to the logging of the bandwidth .


sorry not have see your ‘edit2’ … :slight_smile:

I have also check on my post ; there a space . if press ‘Edit Post’ the space disappear, then press ‘save’ and appear space …


i had the same issue. it also shows 2 times in the module section in the userinterface.

this is how i did it.

just add the module as stated above.

before the restart delete this line


manually in the Application.xml

after that restart the application.

and then fill in the properties and you should be fine


the module works, but in my encoder (Flash Media Live Encoder) i dont get an error, it just wants to reconnect everytime. (if i set the upload to 1000kbps and in wowza to 300kbps)

so it is working, but hard to find out why it is reconnecting everytime. but it’s known from the tutorial that this can be found in the flme logs.

image: top part of FLME / below errorlog


i set the value to ‘true’ in the property streammonitorlogging.

now it shows up in my access.log what the bitrate is.

2014-02-16 00:44:42 CET comment server INFO 200 - Stream ‘stream’ BitRate: 343kbs, MaxBitrate:800 defaultVHost live definst 2764.17 [any] 1935 rtmp:// rtmp rtmp:// FMLE/3.0 (compatible; FMSc/1.0) 2065390449 3580 3604 - - - - - - - - - - - - - rtmp:// doPublish=12345


when i set the value to 300kbps in the property and stream with 1000kbps it will show the value before the reconnect which can be 500kbps. so when it goes OVER the limits it doesnt give an error, it just tries to reconnect the stream

watch my previous post. you responsed right after it :wink:

i used these:


Module Limit to Published Stream Bandwidth








but set the latest value of logging to true to get the response in the log file

this is strange:

when i post this <com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module.ModuleLimitPublishedStreamBandwidth> in the forum post it will put a space between it