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Module ModuleAVMix not working

I need to put the audio of a live source into another one, so I think I need this plugin.

I extracted wse-plugin-avmix.jar into the Wowza lib folder.

I supposedly enabled the plugin and restarted.

I think that in Properties of the stream I should be seeing new properties, but i am not.

Is there anything wrong?

Hi @Alex Grijalba, you need to add those properties yourself, it won’t do it automatically.

Here are some additional docs if it helps. Did you see our GitHub sample?


Thank you. I finally got it. I was missing a more detailed example like this:

Create the avMixNames property like this:

outputName:, videoName:, audioName:| outputName:, videoName:, audioName:

It would create 2 outputs:

Output takes the video from and the audio from

The second output takes the video from and the audio also from