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I have a video and audio available in two different locations and I would like to mux together the sources to produce a single AV stream. Since the encoders arent shared the timecodes will be very different.

I intended to use FFmpeg to inject timecodes into the stream at the source (before it gets to wowza) so that i can then tie together the sources as closely as possible. I can also make adjustments in the ffmpeg codes to allow for any delays that I need to introduce.

My question is, what “timecode” does Wowza listen to? There are lots of different ways of doing that…



Hello Joe,

First I woudl point you to this section in relation to how timecodes are used within Wowza:

I would also like to point you to the following article on FFmpeg:

Please let me know if you have any remaining questions after reviewing these articles.


Jason Hatchett