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I’m “fighting” since several time to try make work this module (ModuleLoopUntilLive) on Wowza 4.0.1 without success.

My scenario is a “stream file” with the source on a IP camara (rtsp) to stream it Live when the camara are ON, and on meantime (when the camara is OFF) play a filler video.

I have follow step by step the guide, but without success, the StreamPublisher (local video) works perfectly but when the live video are in “Waiting for Stream” no filler video are displayed.

It’s this possible? Any idea?

Thanks all!

Please clarify what doesn’t work. Step through everything you are doing and what happens or doesn’t happen.


Put aside the LoopUntilLive part for the moment, and just set up the scheduler. Follow the setup for the ServerListener, and ignore the part about the application Module. This creates a live stream with a file source. Try playing back that stream, which is Stream1 in the example setup. You should see sample.mp4 (bigbuckbunny) looping. This is the stream you will start the live stream on in LoopUntil live. If you have the scheduler working and Stream1 playing, move on to the LoopUntilLive guide, and put “Stream1” as the value in loopUntilLiveOutputStreams.


What stream name are you playing when you do this? The way LoopUntilLive works you continue to play “Stream1”. The when you start the live stream, which you should be able to play directly, it should also the stream you see when you play Stream1.

What is the source, the live stream that should interupt the loop? Is it an Live RTMP encoder, or a MediaCaster stream?

The scheduler and LoopUntilLive are working together.

Detail the setup and playback steps you are taking, and the details of the live stream. Can you play the live stream directly? So, for example, you start “myStream”, which should interrupt the loop playing on Stream1, can you play myStream directly?


Hi Mark,

Please see my reply on the other post.


Im not able to play a local video stream (like BigBugBunny for example) until the live stream are ready.

I have a stream file that pointing over rtsp to ip camera, and a local mp4 file that must to be played when the camera are not online/emitting signal, but nothing happens, the local video are not shown in place of the stream.

But with the “test player option” if I pointing to the local video file it works, so it is not problem that the local video loop fails.

No errors on log files, the filler video just not play.

— my config

-On the aplication named “live”

-In the modules

ModuleLoopUntilLive Loops filler video until live video is available. com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module.ModuleLoopUntilLive

-In the properties -> custom

/Root/Application loopUntilLiveSourceStreams String

/Root/Application loopUntilLiveOutputStreams String Stream1

Stream1 are the filler video (the big bug bunny video mp4) is the rtsp stream to a ip camera

This is all… im sure im misssing out something but I don’t can figure out what! :frowning:

Thanks! and sorry for the late reply

Thanks for the reply Richard.

I have try to play directly “scheduler” video stream named “Stream1” and it works perfectly.

But im still no able to make work the LoopUntilLive module :frowning:

The test player give me the message: “Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied.”

It’s working now.

I have set the stream to live.