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ModuleRTMPAuthentication replaces Secure URL Params?

If so, how do you construct the FMS Url in an encoder like FMLE that has no user/pass prompts?

For secure url params, the FMS url needed to be in this type of format:


and a doPublish password property had to be set in the Application.xml

Now with the ModuleRTMPAuthentication , there is a publish.password file to set the user/pass.

How do we reference the user/pass in the FMS url ?

It appears Wirecast has a “Set Credentials” option now where an actual user/pass can be entered for a Flash server preset. I haven’t tested it against Wowza 2.0 yet, but I assume it will work as expected.

In Wowza Media Server 2 we now support username/password login when using Flash Media Live Encoder. See the MediaSecurity AddOn package. If you properly configured RTMP authentication then you will be prompted for a username/password when the encoder connections.


Describe in detail how you expect this to work?


Unfortunately you can’t combine. You would have to setup two applications, one for each method.


Is it possible to maintain backward compatibility with the older form of authentication (described above) while enabling the new method?

For example, for encoders that did not support authentication , the following would work for the stream address (with Wowza 1.X):


In the application.xml, the following property needed to be set:



So how can compatibility be maintained for existing users, connecting to the server via the server address method: