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Monitor WebRTC Feed From The Bro

This there a way either through the webrtc protocol or the wowza API know if a stream is coming into a Chrome browser. We are using webrtc to stream from cameras connected to Wowza. We have 2 scenarios:

  1. The video is streaming and the camera is unplugged - the browser freezes with a still image of the last frame. We would like a mechanism the browser can use to know it is no longer getting video.

  2. Camera are streaming from a camera and a network condition causes the feed to freeze in the browser. We would like a mechanism that would notice is still occurs so we can automatically refresh the video - refreshing the video generally fixes this issue. Any insight on how to automate this capability would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tim McClure

From the client side you mean? WebRtc has a getStats() api that you can call on an interval to get info (such as inbound/outbound bitrate) from the peerconnection.