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Monitoring Wowza service from F5

Sometimes our users says they are not able to watch a video. At that moment we check Wowza Streaming Engine services and they are up. We must restart server in order to re-activate normal operation. We want be able (using our F5 or another tool externe to Wowza) of detecting when the service is not operational.

Can you give me an idea about that?

Are you sending this @Carlos Alberto Pena out at all through a CDN or no?

Also when you say that Engine services are up, do you mean that it shows the stream as active?

We use our F5 to monitor one of our WSE implementations. We point it to the root VOD path (if that makes sense). Like https://SERVERNAME/VOD/WHATEVER, this yields the version, serial number, and build number of your implementation.

Wowza Streaming Engine 4 with Transcoder XXXXX-XXXXX 4.7.8 build20191105123929

If we get this back, we can determine the instance is up and serving. Does that help?