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More data points in statistics/monitoring charts?

the charts in the WSE manager show a fairly good overview of the stream viewers and server performance. Unfortunately, only after a couple of hours, the chart gets reduced to very few datapoints, so it’s quite useless to get any useful information, as I only have around 5 datapoints for the whole day.

Why is that? Is it possible to increase the granularity?

Have you seen the documentation page on this ?

Which metrics are you trying to look at ? Connections count ?

Yes, I saw the documentation, but it doesn’t offer any configuration possibilities on retention time. It just says the per-minute data is available for 72 hours.

At least, what I found out, I can access a more detailed graph, when I choose a time range lower than 4 hours. This is a little bit confusing, as I have to make sure, that I don’t select a larger time range…and for long running streams I have to select two time ranges…not very practical :confused:

And yes, Connections count is the most interesting, also historically.

Since connection count is collected and updated on events there is nothing being missed there. The only thing I understand you can do to see data point is to select time range appropriately.

If you are not happy with that it shows, you can also make own module to capture connection information yourself. This is a old wowza plugin. Check out the code for - (WowzaMediaSystems/wse-plugin-analytics) on GitHub if you are interested.

Ok. I was hoping maybe it’d be possible to increase the 72hour retention period to something longer, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Thanks for your input!

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