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Mounting live hls stream on wowza


one of our partner exposes an HLS video stream that we wish to mount to on wowza so that our users can watch that live stream on different platforms (web-rtmp, android-rtsp, ios-hls). I would like to know how to mount on wowza version (3.5.1)



Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

Wowza Streaming Engine does not support ingesting A/V streams using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol,

so HLS input won’t work.

I hope this answers your question.


Najam, I will answer the questions I can and then refer you to for the rest of the details.

As you mentioned, there was a “Stepped” pricing structure for the Wowza Transcoder prior to the 4.x release. You will need to get precise information about this pricing structure from But Wowza 4.x does offer unlimited Transcodes with a single monthly payment. Therefore, it would be advisable to upgrate.

You can review the Transcoder benchmark guide for an idea of what you can expect with your server specs:

Wowza Transcoder performance benchmark

You might want to look into Wowza Streaming Engine on Amazon EC2 and leverage the elastic cloud feature for automatic resizable deployment:

Support for Wowza Streaming Engine on Amazon EC2

Any unanswered questions should now be addressed to

I hope this helps.


hey salvadore,

Thanks for your response i have few more questions. We have 40 incoming live streams and my questions are related to best option for transcoding and serving to multiple platforms.

Q. As you know we are running wowza 3.5.1 and as per my knowledge if we want to transcode incoming live stream using wowza one option is wowza adon. with folloing pricing

Pricing is cumulative as you add instances. For example, if you run 11 instances, you pay:

$20/month x 4 (first 4 instances) = $80

$18/month x 6 (next 6 instances) = $128

$16/month x 1 (next 10 instances) = $16

Reference:Transcoder AddOns Pricing

Above pricing is correct and for 40 streams how much it would cost me?

Q. Now wowza web shows pricing for latest products streaming engine and cloud. I am not sure is it just product rename or some newer version is called streaming engine? if its new version i guess i have free upgrade option available?

Q. If due to changes in wowza I must use streaming engine then what will be the pricing for transcoding 40 streams? Web saying unlimited transcoding with streaming engine.

Q. On average server (xeon quad core +24gb ram) how many stream can be transcoded and served to user around globe before server hardware resources max out?

Q. What is the pricing for cloud option if i take transcoding to wowza cloud and link it with my wowza server installation to serve stream to users?

I hope my questions make sense. Looking forward for your response.