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Move a recorded stream from Wowza Streaming CLOUD to Amazon AWS?

Hi, I have managed to set up a Web app to stream using Wowza Streaming Cloud.

I using a transcoder with the configuration I want for the recordings, but I need a way to move the recordings from Wowza to AWS. I found this but only for Streaming Engine, using Java. That is a no go.

Is there a way to transfer the recordings?

You can download the mp4 programmatically with the following sandbox URL as an example -

Get all the recordings to get the id for each, then use the id to get the individual recording and grab the URL for download.

Thank you @Amara Graham.

That was exactly what I was going to do, but sadly it doesn’t solve the problem. When the streaming ends there is a conversion time before I can download the stream. We use Lambdas on our back-end. I cannot let the back-end fetching info at every ‘n’ minutes to check if I will get a “completed” state.

How do we know when the conversion is completed? I was hoping for something better, maybe a way to save it directly to AWS.


Please send in a support request and I can work with you on this solution in more detail.

Mac Hill
Wowza support

Thank you, @Mac Hill. I will do that!

In order to discuss a solution for you, you’ll need a support ticket as our engineer Mac suggested. We need to have access to your encoder/transcoder settings and Wowza config/logs. Then we’ll be able to discuss some options for the needs you have expressed. It may involve some custom work, but please submit a ticket so we can be sure. Thank you @Roberto Costa