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Moving parts in broadcasting live video streams


I don’t understand what are the moving parts if I want to broadcast live video streams.

Short introduction: I want to build a very scalable website, to which users will be able to login and start streaming video from their webcam, and other users will be able to browse these streams.

So I know I need:

  • wowza (which is a steaming engine)

  • a CDN (for example Amazon)

  • anything else?

Is this correct, or am I completely wrong?

A read lots of articles and still don’t understand the full picture

Please assist.



Depending on the number of simultaneous incoming streams, you may need multiple servers to handle the load. CDN solves the scalability of outgoing streams. You mentioned however that you want users to login, which implies the need for security mechanisms. Maybe DRM, or something easier like Secure Token, or even a custom built solution.

I probably don’t have to mention the web server part, along with database, etc.

You may also want to consider redundancy and backup.

Indeed, building something like this is not a simple task. This is a “Find a consultant” forum where users post jobs for Wowza Independent Consultants to apply for. If this is something you’d be interested in, feel free to contact us:




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