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mp3 live streaming - newbie

Hello all

I have just installed Wowza today on Amazon EC2.

My content provider is using a piece of software called M3W on Windows. This software can encode mp3 from a live event and broadcast it out to an endpoint on a media server. The documentation on the broadcasting is here:

The options for broadcasting are:





Can anyone give me any pointers on how I might connect this up to Wowza? My first requirement is to encode this as an RTSP stream for mobile devices.



Try publishing to Wowza using UDP and follow the steps for ingesting a UDP stream in this tutorial.

Is “icy” an icecast stream? Try the icecast/shoutcast tutorial:

Thanks, I’ll take a look at that now Randall and report back.

I have also been experimenting with putting Icecast in the middle. I’ve got M3W connecting up to Icecast and I have read that Wowza can ingest an Icecast stream - so that might be an option too.

I’ve just realised I already tried this tutorial. This seems to be expecting RTP over UDP; M3W just sends raw mp3 bits ober udp. When I connected M3W to this I got some errors in the logs regarding RTP. I’ll give it another try and paste the errors into this thread. I’ll also packet sniff the stream coming from M3W to check what it is sending over the wire.