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MP4 playback stops after about 5 seconds - anywhere in the file.

Live streams are playing OK.

However for a recording I am trying to play, the player gives this message in chrome: media decoder error (mp4a.40.2, avc1.64001E)

However, it can play any part of the video - but just for about five seconds. So the video seems all right.

Playing OK in iPad.

Firefox says “Unable to play audio codec: mp4a.40.2 Video codec: avc1.64001E”

Now in the same directory with the same code I tried another video, HG_Class__20180303.mp4 and in chrome it simply gets stream unavailable

However this was certainly recorded within wowza using H.264 and AAC.

However, on my current non-wowza player, it plays properly in flash.

These are serious issues with playback of VOD.

Any suggestions?


Alan Costello

I guess it was the wrong encoding - I am getting files recorded recently playing properly now.

To play older MP4’s, I included “useFlash”:true, when I created my playerElement.

They have a better chance of playing properly in the flash player. That way if flash is not available, the player will also attempt to play them in the non-flash player.

Good you have found your own answer. Also thx for sharing it.

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