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MP4 record out of sync

Hi, i have a code that create a sdp file in content folder. Sometimes i change the source of video and audio several times during streaming and record. I can see streaming flow in Manager Monitor and this is good with perfect sync but i record this in mp4 format, and when i check the record, video and audio are out of sync, the audio comes on. This happens with source changes, streaming continues perfectly synchronized, but the recording is out of sync

In sdp that i create, i use h264 for video and MPA for audio.

What can I do so that the recording is the same as the streaming flow, that is, there is no loss of synchrony.

Do not change the properties of the live feed when delivering content.

If you need to change properties then you must first stop the live feed, update your SDP file, then start your live feed with the new live stream that matches the properties in your new SDP file.

I change source, or in other words the flow, but properties are the same, anything change. The sdp is equal. As I said in the first message streaming is perfectly synchronized and the changes are instantaneous. The problem is in mp4 record in which dyssynchrony is added.

Is there no way that what is seen in the streaming is exactly what is recorded?