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MP4 Recording Not Stable For Dynamic Stream

I am using Wowza to record MP4 files off a live stream. Sometimes we receive a file that is not readable - although it’s size is mega-bytes in length. I am doing the following:

  1. My application monitors the input stream until the byte rate is above 10000.

  2. Once we hit that threshold we call the Wowza API to start recording.

  3. When the stream terminates or drops below 10000 we stop the recording.

  4. Once the stream stops we upload it to S3.

The stream is always enabled - I just continue to start and stop recording. This works most times but every once in a while the mp4 file seems to be corrupt and will not play. We are recording off a drone whose stream which is dynamic - meaning it stops for battery change. Sometimes on battery a buffered part of the old video is sent with the newly started video - this does not cause a problem when viewing the video live - but maybe it causes issues recording. Are there logs on the Wowza side that I can use to diagnose Wowza mp4 recording issues?


Hello Tim,

I do apologize for the long delay in replying, and hope that you have already worked through the issue you were facing through our Support Ticket system.

Please let me know if you are still having any issues with your recording workflow from your drone.

Thanks in advance,

Jason Hatchett