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Mpeg Dash seeking blocky green picture for VOD files.

Hi there I am not too sure what is wrong here or if the VOD application needs specific packetizer properties.

With Wowza based VOD files when seeking in both dash.js and shakaplayer the startup picture is extremely blocky with artifacts and green screen.

If there is a way to fix this it would be nice to know. Its happening on all browsers. I am also noticing this on the live issue I

The example MBR file is this

An example VOD package that is fine is this

Any ideas ?

I don’t experience these faults in either IE Edge or IE11 on Windows 10 ! Seeking is much faster also.

Hi Andrew. I will post updates with possible bugs on the other thread. VOD is fixed , seeking is smooth with no blocky artifacts but trying to stream with injected captions causes bugs.


Which version of Wowza Streaming Engine are you currently running? There’s a lot of fixes and updates for DASH playback included with the new version 4.5.0 and we do recommend anyone using DASH streaming should update to 4.5.0 for best results.

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