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MPEG DASH test player doesn't play audio

My Wowza server is receiving the stream and transcodes it to H.264+AAC format. Test players (MPEG DASH, Adobe HDS) can play video, but doesn’t play audio. Not via direct stream, nor the smil file. As far as I’ve found, H.264+AAC is the main format for MPEG DASH player. So why is it silent? The server itself can play audio, because if I configure MP3 audio output instead of AAC, Adobe players can play it correctly (but MPEG DASH doesn’t work completely).

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If the source is coming from a Flash application sending Speex audio you might find this guide helpful:

How to set up a Flash application to publish H.264 video and Speex audio to Wowza Transcoder AddOn

If the Flash app is sending NellyMoser audio you can follow this guide:

How to convert Flash Player 11 output from H.264 + Speex audio to H.264 + AAC audio using Wowza Transcoder AddOn

One other idea is, maybe you are attempting to playback the source stream as opposed to the Transcoded stream? Double check that you are playing back one of the Transcoded streams.

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Wonderful. Thanks for the update and glad you got this sorted.


With another try it somehow worked well. I don’t know, maybe it really was something not checked well enough. Thank you for your help anyway.