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MPEG Program Stream With Wowza

Our camera uploads the video data encapsulated by MPEG Program Stream in RTP format. I want Wowoza to receive this part of the data stream and convert the format to HLS, MPEG-DASh, WebRTC and other formats, but I checked a lot of information, it seems Wowoza only supports RTP to transmit data streams encapsulated in MPEG TS format. Is there any way I can make Wowza accept video data in MPEG-PS format?

Yes Wowza can ingest MPEG-TS over TCP and convert to other protocols. You would need to choose the 2nd MediaCaster option.

Here is the complete doc

But,I want Wowza can ingest MPEG-PS over TCP or UDP and convert to other protocols,not MPEG-TS。 How to?

Apparently the main difference between MPEG-PS and MPEG-TS is in the packet structure. The PS structure is of variable length whereas that of TS is of fixed length. So I a, assuming that if the server does not support it officially, then it cannot quite decode it. If there is no native support try using something like FFmpeg in between to translate it to a wowza friendly format.

You are right. Essentially, the main difference between MPEG-PS and MPEG-TS lies in the structure of the data packet. Through FFMpeg, the format can be converted to a Wowza-friendly format, but this will affect efficiency. Can it pass Wowza? The SDK is directly developed for secondary development, so that it can directly receive the RTP stream in the “MPEG-PS” format, thank you!

If it is In a wowza compatible format it should pass wowza. I guess you will need to try and see. Now sure how you plan to integrate with ffmpeg but for concept testing you can probably just stream an existing MPEG PS media through ffmpeg transcoding from command line to wowza over RTMp and watch it over other protocol of your choice.

Thank you for your patience in replying. I’ve tested converting via FFMPEG or GStreamer and converting the encapsulated MPEG-PS of RTP to MPEG-TS streams for pushing to Wowza, this works, but it is inefficient and we need a more tedious conversion in between. We actually have a custom protocol that tells the lower device to push the RTP-encapsulated MPEG-PS stream to the corresponding port on the server by way of SDP negotiation. We want Wowza to be able to receive RTP-encapsulated MPEG-PS streams directly. Can we develop our own SDK to support this functionality? This is very important to us, which is why we insist on it.