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MPEG-TS decoder

Searched the forum a bit and it sounds like this may not be possible with the current v2 Wowza, but figured I would ask for good measure.

We have a Haivision Makito Compact HD h.264 Video Decoder that we would like to link to Wowza. To do this we’ll need Wowza to send the decoder an MPEG-TS stream from one of our apps.

I can tell Wowza to receive a stream, but I have yet to find a way to send one back out in that way. Reading through the manual I get the impression that I should be able to, but I didn’t actually see any way to make that happen.

So can I send an MPEG-TS over UDP to my decoder from a Wowza app? Any guide on how to do this? Or is this something I’ll need to wait for Wowza 3 on? Or can I simply not do it at all?



See this link for the RTP-Pusher (MPEG-TS):