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MPEG-TS or native RTP stream out of Wowza Server

Dear support,

How to stream out MPEG-TS video with unicast or multicast RTP protocol with Wowza 3?

The goal is to send video contribution to IPTV telecom provider as it can be done with any encoders.

The source is coming from a VOD Smil playlist configured to be played as a live stream.

Reading the threads, I have found the RTPPush module, but the tests were not successful (RTP stream stops after a couple of seconds).

MPEG-TS over RTSP is not an option as RTP push is the only supported protocol by these IPTV providers.

IPTV (RTP) contribution seems to be natively supported by Wowza when you read the product description, but I can’t find any solution …

Is it possible to do it?

Thank you in advance.



Use this addon package:


That’s great. Thanks for the update, Pierre


Thank you very much Richard,

It works as expected.