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MPEG-TS stream publish/unpublish notifications || play RTMP url with Wowza API

Hi! Here is the situation:

a person publishes the stream with MPEG-TS to Wowza.

As you know, Wowza ignores this until someone will request to play this live event.

What I need - is to get notified on stream publish/unpublish.

So I guess, I need to request this event permanently with Wowza API, and if I’ll stop receiving data - then it is “stream unpublish”. When after multiple reconnects I will start receiving data - then it is “stream publish”.

The task is somewhat non-trivial, can you suggest what to do?

Probably there is much easier way to do what I need?

I think you will get the onPublish and onUnPublish events of the IMediaStreamActionNotify interface in this case.


To confirm, testing with rtsp stream from IP camera started with StreamManager, these events do fire when you start and stop a stream.