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MPEG-TS video not working

HI !

In my project I use a DreamBox based on Enigma2 and I have two MPEG-TS output streams. The first stream works correctly and transcoding is done perfectly. The second stream connects to Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.4 but does not work at all. I tried different configuration methods for example mpegtsAudioPID, mpegtsVideoPID or mpegtsProgramID and the result is the same, it does not work. I’ll leave you my test streams, you can make them work. (with VLC player running smoothly)

Stream 1 (works)

Stream 2 (not working)

Tkank you.

Hi @alin strei, this “Hire a Consultant” forum is meant for companies who seek to hire a consultant to help them build a solution, or - as in your case - solve a problem. If that was your intention, then don’t hesitate to contact me on

Alternatively, you can post your question in one of the Wowza Streaming Engine forums here: or join the community on slack:


nobody found any solution?