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MPEGTS source with multiple video/audio pids to local Wowza SRT and send whole TS set to remote wowza

I think this is feature request as could no find a way to relay whole input MPEGTS stream that has multiple “audio stereo tracks” under separate Audio PIDs to remote Wowza with SRT protocol.

Usecase would be that with encoder that does not support SRT has SDI input that contains multiple active stereo audio pairs and encoder can send that input over MPEGTS signal to local Wowza. Want to transfer that signal then “unchanged” but over SRT protocol with stream target to remote location Wowza.

And then use those separate signals i.e. alternate audio for HLS ( or turn it back to MPEGTS to be delivered over UDP in remote network for receivers…

Not using MPTS but single program PID has multiple audio pids and one or more video pids. Currently usage of MPEGTS in Wowza as input is mandatory to specify single video/audio pid before it is usable…

This is possible of course by defining multiple stream files to get all components and then have same amount of stream targets to relay those to remote wowza but then there might be issues with audio syncs etc. and it is more complicated to handle.

Or just have misconfigured wowza if this is already possible and would be glad to get info how to do it with single stream target…

Yes, this is also a must have feature for us. Unfortunately, no or only few streaming softwares have this feature in combination with SRT and therefore this software is unusable for us…

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We still are missing this feature on Wowza Streaming Engine. Currently need other server sw to achieve this while it lacks some CDN HTTP PUSH features that Wowza has. So we are currently stuck with two different streaming server sw.

Which Software do you currently use to do that? I know only Cesbo Astra which can do that. But atm it has a bug inside where you can’t stream MPTS Streams via SRT about 30Mbps :cry:
And Flussonic also can’t do this. You can ingest MPTS here but no output.

We are not doing exactly MPTS but want to deliver only 1 video + multiple audios (i.e. multiple audio commentary languages). Currently with SRT we use Nimble Streamer to achieve this using SRT. I think also Haivision’s SRT Gateway could do this but not sure.
(sorry mentioning competitors on Wowza’s community)

Also that 30Mbps problem might have something to do with this: