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Multi Streaming Engine Redundant and Disaster Ready Setup

We have a membership website which is connected to wowza streaming engine for live streaming.

The system is automated from creating an account on our website into live streaming and sharing.

Using streaming engine and cloud wowza for distribution.

Our goal is to build a secure redundant setup for our incoming streams using sub domains, two or more streaming engines, auto scaling, etc… Running on AWS.

Once the system is in place, it should balance all incoming streams into our streaming engines, if a server malfunctions then it needs to be deleted and all incoming streams should be directed into other running streaming engines where they all share the same stream targets.

We will provide more information to interested consultants.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m quite busy these few weeks but still would like to study your request and probably be able to help.

I already have some experience with mentioned items as I’m one of the oldest authorized independent Wowza consultants here.

Please drop me an email at

You can also learn more about me here:


Please contact me by email or Skype (ID: karelboek) to discuss the case. I’ve set up similar solutions before, for both renowned companies and startups, with AWS EC2, and e.g. Auto Scaling groups with load balancing and redundancy, and can certainly help you.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek



We have vast experience in implementing high capacity scalable streaming systems, would be happy to help you.

Yury Cherniawsky

Senior Solutions Advisor

Cell: +1 631 657 7009

Skype: yury.cherniawsky

LinkedIn: Yury Cherniawsky


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