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Multibitrate streaming

Hello ,

I am using Jwplayer6.

I am using wowza server 2.1.2 for video streaming.

When flash is disabled in browser i am playing video through html5 video tag

Now , suppose i disabled flash player in my browser.

Now I want to enable bitrate switching , so it measured the bandwidth and the player size, and chose the .mp4 file that had approximately the same video size as the player and the maximum bit rate it could use based on the internet speed.

When flash is enable i am able to use bitrate switching , but when flash is disabled i am not able to perform bitrate switching.

When flash is disable i use video tag of html5.

How can I setup Wowza Server to use this automatic bitrate switching when i am playing video through html5 video tag?

I also want button for the user to choose the quality, they should get the maximum quality they can get based on their device and internet without any lag automatically.


ABR is dependent to some extent on player technologies and also streaming protocols and browser capabilities. To play ABR streams natively then you could look at using an HLS (Cupertino) playback type as your streaming urL. This will work for example in Safari. You may find though that for maximum compatibility you will still require an embedded player such as JWPlayer for this type of streaming right now.