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multicast input from two interfaces


how can i configure wowza to receive multicast from two network cards from two different networks?

Thank you.

Take a look at this article:


I don’t think that will work. I would try the 2nd method, per application: Make two applications, one for each interface.

Or, two VHosts should work.

I don’t have two IPs to test that. If my suggestion doesn’t not work, let me know and I will see what else I can find out.


I would first try making two applications, making the suggested change in the Application.xml, each pointing to a different interface

If that doesn’t work, you have to add a VHost. Adding a VHost is covered in the Virtual Hosting chapter of the user guide. Hopefully you can avoid that. It complicates tuning.


I will see if there is a better way, but I’m pretty sure the multiple VHost solution will work.


Hi Richard,

i can configure to bind to the interface i want, but what about utilizing two network interfaces at the same time? Shall i just add a new line similar to this: but with the IP of the second interface?

Any of the solutions would be fine, but where do I make the change as there is only one VHosts file? Do i have to copy it to each application folder?

I have been trying to get the the new streams but no luck so far…this is what i did:

1.Created a copy of application Live with the folder name Live1.

2.Modified application.xml under Live1 and added the following tags inside :


…, is the IP address of the second network card that will be used for multicast input.

I restarted Wowza, but i don’t get the streams on Application Live1 from the second network card.

Then i modified Vhost.xml and put as the MulticastInterfaceAddress. After Wowza restart, i can get the streams from the second network card, but not from the first one.

What else can I test to get the streams from both network cards ?