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Multicast Stream with Mpeg-DASH

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I have tried searching through the forums and yet to find a solution. Thus I am left with asking this topic here. I have been able to stream to Wowza using RTMP and able to access and view the stream using Mpeg-DASH. My problem now is that the stream are not multicast as opening 2 or more players at different times will show different content. Is there any way to output a multicast using Mpeg-DASH so that the content will display at the same elapsed time for multiple videos?

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Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

I think what you are looking for is nDVR:

How to set up and run Wowza nDVR for live streaming




Yes, MPEG-DASH currently doesn’t support nDVR.

You should find that clients play very close to the same point in a live stream. I just did a quick test using the Shaka demo player across a number of clients on the same subnet and they were within a second of each other. We can provide a multicast stream using a stream target, though this is generally for distributing to another destination and isn’t specific to MPEG-DASH playback. It is possible to play a multicast stream target using certain players though, such as VLC.



Hi Salvadore,

Thanks for your reply. I read through the article you recommended and found that it does not support MPEG-DASH streaming protocol. Is there any other method available? Maybe some settings that will ensure that there is no cache for MPEG-DASH streaming so the output video display will always be showing the latest elapsed content?