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Multicast Video Stream


I’m currently investigating the Wowza Media Server and we want to have following scenario.

  • Stream a locally stored playlist to a multicast address.

I have my doubts if this is possible, because we can’t use rtmp because the flash player doesn’t support multicast, and we can’t use vod (video on demand) because rtp/rtsp vod isn’t supported by wowza.

Am I correct, and any suggestions how to solve this?

(I suppose I have to create a playlist using the Stream class, but how to multicast this stream??)

Kind regards.

See if this package helps with multicast out:

We the source code for how to use the API.


Use VLC …

Redownload the package. The Java source is included. The Flash .fla file is in there as well (there is no Flex version).


You need Flash CS3 or CS4 for these fla files


VLC can easily open a file/playlist and output to multicast. What is your player ?

You should take a look to this :

It’s very hard to find info/examples on how to multicast out a stream with Wowza.

Multicast out a stream means you’re not broadcasting on Internet. Don’t know why Wowza would support this.

Your request is relevant because we see now Wowza in the middle of both worlds, traditional broadcast and Internet …

Do you mean that Wowza isn’t the appropriate tool for this?

Can you please give some more (at least one) argument why I should use vlc…

The player is not defined yet. It should be a player that can be embedded into flash/flex. Do you have any suggestions?

By the way, is vlc reliable enough to put in a production environment? Because of this lack of reliability, we were looking to wowza instead of vlc.

Thanks a lot for your fast replies. This link is exactly what I need.

But the issue about multicasting remains. Is it possible with this set-up?

It’s very hard to find info/examples on how to multicast out a stream with Wowza.


Thanks a lot for this package. I did a quick test, and at first sight it works fine!

Can I get the source code of this package?

And is it possible to get also the source code of the flex application?

Kind regards,


Thanks a lot Charlie.

How do you open the .fla file? I tried it with macromedia flash mx but an ‘unexpected format’ error is popped up.