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Multilanguage and ClearCaster PRO


Let’s suppose we have a multichannel audio stream embedded in the SDI input in which the first two channels should be treated at a logical level as STEREO ENGLISH and other two channel as STEREO ITALIAN: would it be possible in the ClearCaster configuration to setup two different RTMP outputs, using the same video input, but each one configured to use just one pair of channels each?

As far as I know YouTube does not support multiple language live streams, correct me if I’m wrong, so we would be just fine to have two different live streams (one for each language) using one ClearCaster encoder. We also have an on-premise license of Wowza Streaming Engine with transcoding if this could help in any way.

Thank you in advance.

Multichannel audio support is not possible with ClearCaster today. You can use the JSON template editor to decide which 2 input tracks you would like to use on the output, but you can not select different inputs for use different outputs.



This of interest. What would the JSON look like if you were selecting track 3 and 4 as your output audio?

Hello, the “Audio Configuration” example template under the “Encoder Configuration” destination has it in there. Here’s a snippet of where it goes:

"template": {
	"input": {
		"inputType": "CAPTURE_HARDWARE",
		"videoFrameWidthMax": 1920,
		"videoFrameHeightMax": 1080,
		"videoFrameRateMax": 30,
		"videoKeyFrameIntervalMilliseconds": 2000,
		"audioChannelLeft": "3",
		"audioChannelRight": "4"