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Multiple cam RTMP switching?


i’ve talked to Wowza tech support, and they tell me they only deal with the signal after it gets to them.

i use 3 Orah 4i cams that stitch and broadcast live in 4K 360 video.

Wowza can handle 360 video via RTMP.

but i want to be able to switch between 3 incoming streams.

the RTMP streams come from the stitching box over ethernet.

does anyone know of any software or hardware switching solution that would basically just allow me to switch between different incomng RTMP video streams in 4K?



42 VR


I’m not sure if this is what you’re wanting, but would it be possible to publish the streams from the source (cameras) to both the stitching box and the Wowza Streaming Engine software. This way you’d be ingesting all 3 streams from the cameras at the Wowza software side as well as the 4k stream from the stitching box. Using a .smil file that references these 3 streams, you should then be able to switch between the streams during playback on the playback client side.

Note: while the sources may be RTMP the playback will require a HTTP based playback client like the Wowza Player (using Apple HLS) to switch between streams.

This may be worth trying/testing if this is the functionality you’re looking for. In your own player, you’ll need to ensure it doesn’t use “auto” which is to switch based on the bitrate of the stream as the .smil file is not being used for it’s traditional purpose in this scenario/workflow. Manual switching would be needed to change from one stream to another.