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multiple licences for each edge repeater

Hello if I had an origin and 3 x edge repeaters delivering a live feed, how many DRM licences would I need? 1, 3 or 4?

Also the same question but with regards to VOD where edge repeaters serve content from a shared mounted filesystem



If you are using an Origin/Edge setup for Live streaming, and also wish to use the DRM addon, you can encrypt your stream on the origin server and have the edge servers relay that encrypted stream to your playback clients. In this case, you will only need the DRM addon enabled and configured on the Wowza origin server.

If you have multiple VOD edge server application, which are all using content from a shared location, you will need to enable the DRM addon on every edge server, because the VOD application from the edge server will be the one that will encrypt the content using the DRM key.

Basically, you will need to enable the DRM addon on the server that is doing the encryption of your content.