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Multiple RTMP Push streams in input and switch based on manual input and then stream to multiple youtube and Facebook

I am doing this for a non-profit organization and we have very limited (<3) number of days before the event. The idea is to take multiple (~150) RTMP Push streams (from Zoom) in input and switch between streams based on manual input. Then, I would like to get the final stream running on multiple YouTube channels and Facebook groups.

I wanted to try something simple, tried and tested. I wish to avoid using my home internet and laptop for switching and wanted to use cloud based technology.

I have seen certain answers to this, but i wanted to know the effort required for them and would scalability to 150 HD streams be an issue. Any input is appreciated.

If there are any other 3P solution providers (out of the box), I am comfortable using them as well.

This is a complicated workflow that requires careful consideration based on bandwidth and CPU needed for all those streams and the Cloud costs that go with converting the RTMP streams to HLS for playback as Cloud will do. To know what you need to accomplish this and the costs involved, please email

The sales engineers have the tools and calculator to guide you to the right price plan for this event. We also have live event support plan should you want us to test it before you go live and be available during the event. Lots of options, but you’ll need to reach out to that email especially with it coming up so soon. Good luck!