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Multiple stream files using single udp multicast

Hello everyone,

I’ve successfully configured wowza and tested it too. The problem is, I have a mpts multicast containing 8 channels. I created stream files and mentioned the program IDs of channels and it successfully decodes all channels to separate streams. The problem, however, is all the channels are on single udp multicast so when i connect to the first stream fle, i get ~12Mbps bytes in, but when i connect to the second stream file, which is on the same multicast, different program id, the incoming bitrate goes up to ~25 Mbps. It’s as if wowza makes a second connection to the same multicast. Same thing happens when i connect to the third, fourth stream files, the bitrate increases 3-4 fold. I also tried turning on Datagram port sharing, by editing [install-dir]/conf/Server.xml and setting / to true and restarting the server to no avail. The bitrate is still increasing.

I hope i was able to explain the issue clearly.

Please help