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Multiple video streaming wowza streaming engine

I need to provide 4 clients with streaming video service what I thought about doing with wowza the issue is that I do not know how to give each user 1 channel and that they can see statistics through the web

Wowza does not support multi tenancy, however you can imitate it easily, you can create 4 different application and you can share publish point to your client ( Note that you have to implement publish password per application with changing configuration from WMS/conf to WMS/conf/application . )

ie : client1 => rtmp://ip/app1/StreamName with user : client1 , pass : xyz

client2 => rtmp://ip/app2/StreamName with user : client2 , pass : tyu … etc

For the statistics, you can get info from wowza rest api by application name and with single php page, your client see this stats.

Also there is a product doing this already, MediaCp panel, it use wowza in background and you can manage different user from this panel and user can see their stats in their panel etc. For more info please send email to me ,