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My Clearcaster required an update. and the update seems to not be working.. i only see the wowza start screen on the unit and on the external monitor i see a purple screen with settings

i only see the wowza startup screen on the unit and on the external monitor all i see is a purple screen with system operations

Hello Jim,

Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community!

We want to better understand your specific situation, if there is a deeper issue concerning network configurations that is preventing the version update we will need to option more information from you. We would like to assist you to resolve this issue, you can open a Wowza ClearCaster Support Ticket online.

You can submit the required information in the Support Ticket form to generate an email message or chat text message, and the next available Wowza ClearCaster Support Engineer will assist you.

Wowza Media Systems also offers 24x7 phone support to ClearCaster users.