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My embaded code does not work anymore

I am using this code in my web form but this is not working

$(’.playerElement’).show(); $(’.playerElement’).prepend(‘Loading…’); WowzaPlayer.create(‘playerElement’, { “license”: “”, “title”: “Wowza Player”, “description”: “This is my Wowza Player Video description.”, “sourceURL”: “http://localhost:54645:/Video/Kronopress/f8964486-83db-4e9f-8e37-15dee302ca88.mp4”, “autoPlay”: true, });

Hello @Sanjay Pawar,

Looking at the code, it does not look like something you would get from Wowza player builder.

Try accessing it here, get the HLS url from Wowza Engine and then get the embed code again. See if this would resolve the issue.

Note: Issues I see in the code you have now:

  1. localhost - this should be either your domain or ip address

  2. the ulr ends in .mp4 but it should end in /playlist.m3u8

Hope this helps,

Alex C.

Yes, But I have copied the code again from wowza builder but it displays the black screen only, It does not play the video. Please have a look this code which I get from wowza builder.

WowzaPlayer.create(‘playerElement’, { “license”: “PLAY1-kk8kH-RmBkN-kJkcJ-7najM-Xrxhc”, “title”: “Sloode%20Player”, “description”: “”, “sourceURL”: “”, “autoPlay”: false, “volume”: “75”, “mute”: false, “loop”: false, “audioOnly”: false, “uiShowQuickRewind”: true, “uiQuickRewindSeconds”: “30” }

Looks like it’s not the embed code that does not work, the application for the stream is not configured correctly. When I try to play that url, I get a cross origin error.

I would suggest opening a new support ticket so our support team can take a look at your Wowza Engine configuration for further troubleshooting.

Alex C.