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My webcam stream in Android and VLC (RTSP)

I am very new to Wowza. I am trying to stream my web-cam (dell integrated camera) and wish to view this on VLC or on my Android phone. For this I need to stream it as rtsp. I followed this link and done the configurations in Wowza media server 3.5:

I am able to view my camera stream in FlashRTMPPlayer but not able to view my stream in VLC.


rtmp://MY_COMP_FQDN:1935/live/mycamera is working on FlashRTMPPlayer but rtsp://MYCOMP_FQDN:1935/live/mycamera is not working on VLC

When I tried to play RTSP stream in VLC then in wowza console i got these logs:

INFO stream play mycamera -

INFO rtsp play 780488817 -

INFO server comment - UDPTransport.firstPacket: bind: msg:/1

Please help me out.

PLease share the tutorial to stream camera successfully to VLC and on Android Phone then . It will be a great help

Thanks in advance



First, take a look at these RTSP guides:

One thing to understand is that VLC will attempt to playback over UDP and if not possible will fail-over to TCP, however many Android devices stream over UDP only, if that does not work streaming fails, there is no fail-over to TCP.

But the log snip you show looks good. UDPTransport.firstPacket indicates successful start of a MediaCaster stream, and indicates that UDP ports are open.


Can you try with rtsp://MYCOMP_FQDN:1935/live/definst/mycamera


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the quick-reply. I followed the exact steps mentioned in links shared by you. In my Application.xml, I have done the following changes: is IP of my Laptop. Wowza Media Server 3.5 is running on my Laptop only. I am streaming my laptop camera and try to view on my VLC player only.

But still I am experiencing the same, Neither a exception in VLC nor I can see my camera stream in VLC. Logs snippet are almost same:

INFO stream play mycamera -

INFO rtsp play 897926557 -

INFO server comment - UDPTransport.firstPacket: bind:/ msg:/

Please help me out.



Hi Zoran,

I tried your suggestion, but it is not working for me. Did it work for you? Have you tried to stream RTSP Live Camera Streaming in VLC or Android?

Please help me out.


Avinash Nigam