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My wowza license has expired?

hi there.

i have been fall in so ridiculous problem.
i have a three license and always played very well.

but maybe 2~3 days ago, the server installed wowza not working,
and login at management page they show me ur license has expired!

i remeber when i bought wowza license, i bought permanent license.
so could u check my license statemenet ?

license is private thing, so i send my license number
plz check it

Hello Yoon,

I see the ticket you placed (475231) within our system. The license keys were shut down due to a compliance violation, an email was sent to you on November 2, 2022 outlining the violation and the steps you would need to take to resolve the situation.

I have asked our reseller team to reach out to you in order to work on resolving this matter. I will close out this thread so that all future discussion can take place via the ticket (475231).