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Native HLS content streaming for VOD

Good Day

Just installed our first WOWZA streaming engine.

Is it possible to use the streaming engine to stream native HLS content - we already have a library of HLS content. Each piece of content has its own manifest file.

I would prefer the WOWZA server not to have to do the transcoding and just re-mux the native HLS content

Is this possible at all?



I didn’t think Wowza transcoded non-live (e.g. library/recorded) content. We have a ton of MP4s that are streamed and Wowza is just used to serve these, i.e. not transcoded or processed apart from HLS encoding.

I think Wowza will only transcode for live streams, e.g. RTMP or similar live stream inputs

If you video assets is already in HLS format, why not use NGINX if you only need to ‘stream’ those HLS files that you have ? Please tell us more why you would want to ‘…re-mux the native HLS content…’ so we can help you more :stuck_out_tongue: