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native/legacy multicast UDP as MediaCaster Type


I want Wowza server [i’m using latest 3.5.2 release] to allow me to output live stream of type “native/legacy multicast UDP as MediaCaster Type”. currently i only see in stream-manager the following options:






i don’t want rtp protocol to wrap UDP packets, just pure UDP. example [udp://@]. muticast UDP protocol is the only supported streaming protocol in the backend application we use, so please tell me how to make wowza output that?

note: my input stream is also UDP [ i used this link to configure it ] but no udp output was described [only rtp, rtps, rtmp, HLS…etc]!


You can use the PushPublish addon to do multicast udp:


thanks, but since the approve of the post took over 3 hours, I found [ but it didn’t work so far, i’m not sure which AddOn is better for my requirements [PushPublish addon] or [MulticastPublish-AddOn]?

i’ll do more tests and reading before reporting current errors i’m getting.

thanks again,