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nDVR and Dynamic streaming setup with Wowza Streaming Enngine 4.04


I am currently running a wowza streaming engine on AWS with a monthly license. At the moment, we deliver live streaming as well as on demand video service to our clients. We are looking to have the following functionality setup with our server

  • nDVR that allow instant playback from the start of the current stream (I think we need a HDS player for this?)

  • Setup the stream so that the stream will be available for playback after the live event finished. I know this can be done quite easily, however, I just need some guidance on how to do that

  • Dynamic streaming on all streams

  • Setup players for both desktop and mobile platform (We are using JW player now and if possible we want to keep on using it as we are on a subscription)

  • Setup a web based encoder so that user at remote location can encode a stream to the wowza through their webcam and browser. This needs to be a separate module that we can incorporate into our current system.

    We signed up the the wowza CDN connection trial and we might end up actually using it. And if we have this done on our current server, we also need to be sure that it will be compatible with the CDN connection.

    In terms of budget, since this is the first time I post here and I am not sure how’s the pricing goes like, I would like to get quotes on how much the above work will cost.



I can help you with the required configuration, I also have a “web based encoder” available already. Contact me on Skype (ID: karelboek) or by email to discuss this further.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek