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nDVR consultant job

We need some help regarding Wowza and nDVR functionality.

One of our regular customer happened to stream its event for 5h. We changed the recording stream file format to be FLV, following a consultant recommendation. However these recordings were corrupted in the end and we were not able to use them. We changed the file format to FLV as it is more resilient to audio/video synchronisation errors.

Also we were using nDVR but after 2h of streaming, the same video segments were being played and users were seeing a loop. We were able to reproduce this error and it also happened after 2h of streaming.

Due to unknown reasons, (maybe because nDVR cache or media cache was full), a few days later, all VOD applications stopped working as Wowza could not find any playlist.m3u8 anymore. We had to destroy and restart a new Wowza instance.

We do have access logs and errors logs when these events occurred and we require someone that can provide us some insight about nDVR and make it work in a reliable way.