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nDVR for hls alternative audio

I created a smil file for live streaming with alternative audio. Everything works in live mode.
But if I add ?dvr option - everything stops working.
I download manifest file and check streams. Audio streams in dvr mode - not working (timeout). In live mode - Everything fine.
After I check this audio stream in dvr mode without smil file (source stream) - everything work to.

what could be the problem ?

I made a new smil file, added one video and two audios.
Everything works fine without the dvr.

with the DVR again the same problem, I looked at the manifest file, for some reason it contains a chunklist for one of the audio - 404, there is an error in the logs:
HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.service: Request timeout: 8000

It’s possible we don’t support multi-audio for DVR. Let me check with support and I’ll be back very soon for you @egor_voronin3

Can you try adjusting this to 30000 (30 seconds) in your DVR settings?


If that doesn’t work, please send a support ticket and we’ll review how to get this working for you with multiple audio.


Also the engineers suggest taking a look a this:

“If they have things working for live I would think it should generally work ok for DVR, unless there are alignment issues in the source tracks. The different audio tracks must be perfectly-aligned with each other and the video tracks or else DVR playback can fail. (non-DVR is more tolerant to misalignment issues, which could be the issue.”

I use these tracks after wowza transcoder, does it align badly? (one rtmp input, transcode 1 video + 2 audio from this stream)

Yes, it can be a bit tricky to align, but not impossible and people do it.

DVR requires audio/video alignment.

You can debug alignment problems following this guide:

If it still gives you problems, please send us a support ticket and the tech support engineers can use some internal tools to help you get it aligned.