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nDVR Google Shaka DASH Player Support

On the main Wowza nDvr Support Page support for the Google Shaka DASH Player is advertised. In viewing the Application.xml files for Wowza 4.6 it seems the nDvr now supports MPEG DASH however the documentation still states that it does not. When I use the built in MPEG DASH test player it works for this URL:

but not this one:

If I use the Google Shaka DASH Player with the URL ending in DVR will it work and allow to access all nDvr functionality for Wowza release 4.6?


Tim McClure

nDVR does not currently support playback of MPEG-DASH content. This is in our backlog but we’re not able to say if or when this will be made available.

You can keep track of the latest updates to Wowza Streaming Engine at the following link:


**New playback options available with update of Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.7.6

The Wowza nDVR feature enables you to record a live stream with Wowza Streaming Engine while simultaneously allowing users to play or pause the live stream, rewind it to a previously recorded point, or resume viewing at the current live point. Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.6 adds support to record MPEG-DASH live streams with the nDVR feature.

See our quick start guide here:

We are trying to get nDVR working with DRM. So far no luck on both fairplay/hls and dash. Does nDVR work with DRM?