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nDVR/VOD Implementation

Hi All,

We are a fairly knowledgeable Wowza using company, but we’d like to bring in some professionals (must be US based) for this latest job:

Here’s the job:

  • Utilize the Wowza nDVR API to record on demand, directed by our web/db server (we pretty much already know how to do this part) in multiple bitrates of the same stream (we are already transcoding to the multiple bitrates).

  • Store automatically each recording in dedicated external storage (NOT S3, we are planning on storing it at our data center). This means file transfer will have to take place.

  • Allow the call of an adaptive .smil of the stream, utilizing the multiple bitrates we have recorded and moved to the external storage.

  • external storage will also be used to house our VoD library.

We’ll be interested in hearing best practices on the use of nDVR as well, to see if what we are proposing violates those best practices.


Feel free to contact me at Gustavo[at] … I’m not in US, but in Canada though



First of all, I’m not US-based, so probably not the candidate you’re looking for. But I just would like to ask a few questions/put some comments with your request:

  • Why would you use the nDVR API for recording? If the various bitrate streams are available, you can use the default LiveStreamRecorder

  • I recommend recording to local disk, then moving the files to the external storage when the recording is complete. Wowza has event triggers that can signalize when the file is ready for that.

  • Please consider using MediaCache when using external storage for VOD; at least for storage with low IOPS.

I have most of the code for these functions already available, including moving recordings to external storage and generating a SMIL file. If you’re willing to reconsider the geographical requirement, I’ll be happy to help you.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek