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Last week I received an mail that Wowza is announcing a Live-to-VOD feature in their Wowza Cloud. They describe in their mail what are the benefits to put viewers in Control by using the nDVR feature for immediate time-shifted playback.

However, I can’t find any online documentation how to set up this nDVR feature into the Wowza Cloud. I only can find articles how to run nDVR in the Wowza Streaming Engine.

Is the nDVR function already available in Wowza Cloud?

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I’ll have a Cloud engineer respond to this- sorry for the delay.

Thank you very much Robert.
After eneabling “Playlist seconds” in the properties tab on the stream Targets, I’m able to pauze an rewind up to 200s.
I’m using JWplayer which automaticly detect the DVR functionality.
Great feature! I’m looking forward when Wowza will increase the rewind duration.

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Hi Dimitri,

Thanks for your question!

First, the ability to scrub around in a video when you have recorded as a Live-to-VOD asset should be automatic. Once you have been provided with the m3u8 URL, you can insert this into a player and can move around in the video as needed. It is important that the player supports this, and most, but not all, players do. Wowza Player does as does Theo Player which can be tested at:

The ability to rewind a live video is controlled under the Stream Target settings for your stream. These can be accessed though:Advanced->Stream Targets. Choose the stream of interest, and on its properties tab, choose edit, enable “Playlist seconds” and set the value to your desired rewind duration. Right now, this is limited to 200 seconds, but we are in testing an increase it to a few hours, so assuming no problems are found, you should see this option expand in the next week or two. Stay tuned! As above, the player needs to be able to support this as well.

I hope this helps!

Hi Dimitri,

I am happy to announce that we were able to get this feature into the build that went out today, so it is ready to use! Enjoy!