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I’m customer for Wowza stream engine

When my clients use this service, especially the youtube streaming, and they did nice things with the 2 hours from the archive on the youtube .when they can edit and cut the program with highlights service and uploaded directly on account them on the youtube.

But the new idea raised yesterday about the archive on the Wowza server. If we enable the nDVR for all my account on my Wowza server, How and which program (software )need to be able to edit the archive(NDVR) from the 24 hours on the NDVr? For example from there is news programme from 10:00 Am to 11:30 Am. How can cut this particular time from the archive and uploaded it again to their youtube account?

Can I install Windows on the same server with ( Wowza server ) and can I make multi-account for this OS for my users individually to access the archive individually too? I mean user X has user and pass for the Windows on the server. When he will open the desktop for the OS, He will access on his archive ( 24 Hours or more ) . and he will make clips for his programs ( for example 30 clips ) and after that, he will upload it to his account on youtube by using the same server (Win+Wowza ) to make advantage from the speed of housing on this server.

I hope everything clear now.

Thank you very much


Thank you for contacting Wowza support.

It is possible to extract MP4 clips from an nDVR live recording by using the Wowza REST API. You can later use these MP4 clips as VOD files. Here is a useful forum article describing how you can use the Wowza REST API to extract MP4 video clips from an nDVR recording:

Regarding a multi account web interface that cana abe used by your customers, this is something that you will need to develop and use the REST API to send requests from your web interface to the Wowza Streaming Engine in order to retrieve the desired VOD clip.

We are not able to provide any assistance regarding the development of your custom web based user interface, as this falls outside the scope of our technical support service, but if you need help with your project I can send you a list of independent Wowza consultants that might be able to provide you with some assistance. Please let me know if you need this list.


Zoran Ursulovici