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Need a consulting for a large scale deployment of cameras that integration with our SaaS solution

We have a funded project that we need a consultant’s help with.

We have a SaaS application that we want to expand to allow streams from our locations in a rather unique use case. There are about 150 total viewing “rooms” across about 40 locations in the US and Europe.

We have dedicated software engineering teams who are going to augment our existing SaaS to ingest and display the feeds from our locations and can handle all the web programming required.

We need someone to help with the following:

  1. Selection of camera hardware for our unique use case
  2. Development of best practice approach to securely stream to our SaaS solution
  3. Consultation on general Wowza streaming engine setup

In brief, here is our use case:

We “rent out” focus group rooms across the US and Europe. Clients pay us to hold focus groups in these rooms lasting 1-8 hours each. We want to support live video streaming of these events to clients who might be scattered across the globe.

What makes this an interesting use case is that-

  1. Camera has to be of a high quality audio + video so you can see everything going on in the focus group (about the size of a large conference room)
  2. We must programmatically pull the streams into our SaaS tool (no hands-on at our facilities at all; the cameras will remain plugged in and turned on, and we desire to remotely turn on/off recording streams)
  3. The streams must be secure; this is confidential information being shared
  4. We would really love a local recording backup (in case of internet outage) but this is not an absolute requirement
  5. Ideally we would leverage remote PTZ where we could reposition video angle remotely. This is not an absolute requirement.

We have funding for the project and are looking for a consultant to help us with the above five points.

You can reach me at