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Need Basic hekp setting up Wowza witrh AWS

• We have ½ hour videos which must be broadcast online consecutively over a period of one day (24 hours)

• We will broadcast 16 shows consecutively repeated 3 times each per day.

• Each day bring a new set of 16 shows

• This cycle lasts for 4 weeks and starts at our discretion

• The shows are already in a MP4/H264 format

• We have a AWS account or we can use our own drives

• We have a Woza trial account ending December 15 2014

• We’d like to set up an RTMP or HTTP feed from Woza so that various websites can use our link to broadcast our videos through a live stream (continuous playback, no seekbar).

• The entire 4 week schedule will be ready along with the videos at the beginning of the project but we would probably migrate to weekly possibly even a daily schedule once we’re fully operational

• We may need protection from other sites embedding & downloading.

• Traffic would probably be world wide but we’re not sure.

• We’ll have a viewer estimate by early next week so we can try to determine whether we should go for AWS or if during the trial or pilot run we will lease a server (for a month) or set up our own server.

• Therefore we require basic Wowza setup including fine-tuning plus setting up AWS or the standalone server and the setting up the automated broadcast schedule.

Hi there … contact me at

I have a solution for what you are looking for and I’m experienced with AWS settings as well



I’d like to introduce Ingrex LinearTV for Wowza. Ingrex LinearTV allows you to define a playlist, schedule and broadcast your video content. Unlike the default Video On Demand features, LinearTV broadcasts your playlist as a TV channel, much like a live transmission. Ingrex LinearTV is controlled by a simple, well documented API or via the Ingrex vCMS.

Besides this, we’ve also got the competence and experience to help you with the setup of your Wowza servers. Don’t hesitate to contact me, so that we can discuss this opportunity. You can reach me by email, or on Skype (ID: karelboek)

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek



This requires scheduling of the videos and also add security features in the right manner. Please contact me over mail robert[at] or skype shijils



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